August 11, 2012


If you are feeling behind, raise your hand!  OH MY WORD PEOPLE (sorry for the shouty capitals, but you know you'd use 'em too)!!!!  I know you all have to be feeling this way right about now!  We can do this, right??!!

When I was able to focus this past week, I spent some time crankin' out the parent forms.  You know, updating, editing, and makin' them cuter than last year.  Why do we do that?  It kinda cracks me up.

Well, since I am doing all this crazy work on the form front, I figured I might as well share them.  My thought is that maybe you are in a "form frenzy" too and it could help ya jam through them a bit faster.  Who knows . . . but, that's what I'm thinkin'.

Okay, so we are super over-enrolled (yay . . . job security).  However, the admins asked us to hold off on sending this as they may be hiring at the last minute. Needless to say, this doesn't give our parents much time to plan, but I do what the big bosses tell me (well . . . this early in the game anyway).  Here is a little look-see at the letter that I sent home a few days ago.  
I don't know what happened at the end of last year, but our team failed to send out a supply wish list with the report cards.  Good one first grade.  So, this was included with my Meet The Teacher Letter.  We always just send it out as a more of a donation/wish list rather than a required list.
Here is my parent helper letter.  Typically, I always have a rockin' parent helper crew.  Last year I had seven . . . yes . . . SEVEN . . . parent helpers.  It was amazing.  I realize that this was a "freak of nature" occurrence and I would be super happy to secure just half that number this year :)  
I like to send a little handbook home to help parents prep for the transition to first grade.  This puppy outlines some of my expectations and provides them a little insight on how good old Room 13 rolls.  

Well, folks . . . I promised a pen pal freebie this week and here it is.  I made this one generic enough for you to swipe it and use it in your class too!!  I cannot take credit for this idea though.  Laura MacDougall is the rock star behind this suggestion :)  Sending a permission slip home prior to starting pen pals is a great idea . . . especially if you will be exchanging photos.
CLICK HERE to snag this download!
**If you need a form that says "country" instead of "state" email me and I'll shoot ya a copy!**

Speaking of pen pals, I have emailed all of the matches I have made so far - roughly 225 people.  We are up to 328 total teachers now, so if you haven't received an email, don't freak.  You are still in the mix and I am workin' on ya! A steady flow of coffee and batteries (my mouse eats 'em) are keeping me going.  I won't fail ya . . . just hang tight for me friends.  

Again, if you haven't signed up for pen pals and are interested, you have until TOMORROW at midnight to fill out my online form.  Click on the button to learn more! **If you have any notes in regards to your pairing, please indicate them in the class size column on the form and be sure to double check that email :)

Well, that's all folks.  Don't forget about the awesome Back To School Sale that starts on TPT bright and early tomorrow.  I am puttin' everything in my store on sale for 20% off and TPT is going to treat ya by offering up an extra 10% off if you use their code (see button below).  Thanks for visiting today friends.  

Sweet graphic by The 3am Teacher!

**Amazing boarder sets from Teaching in a Small Town.   


  1. Thanks for all your hard work on the Pen Pals. I've already heard from my Pen Pal and can't wait to get started. Thanks for the permission slip for the pen pals. What's your cute font you used?

    Thanks again!!!!!

    1. Yay!!! So glad to hear that you two made a connection already. I used doodle tipsy! LOVE this font :) Thanks for swinging by Diane.

  2. Thanks for the pen pal permission slip!! I didn't even think to do that. I just downloaded it into my files. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. I hadn't either . . . I am so glad Laura contacted me about making one :) This will come in handy! Thanks for commenting friend.

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  4. Thanks for all the documents. The pen pal permission slip will really come in handy.

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  5. 328?! WOW. Thanks so much for doing all this. We appreciate it so much! And thanks so much for that document. Brilliant :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  6. Hi Kelley,
    I know you are busy, but I haven't heard from you regarding my pen pal pair up. Just curious to know if you had a chance to match me up with anyone yet. Thanks so much for doing this, it's awesome!
    Tiffany Harrison

  7. I'm so excited for my pen pals! I have my map all ready for this and the alphabet letter exchange! So exciting! Hope you have a wonderful school year!