May 25, 2014


Alright, this is close to a record breaking week.  I have blogged three days in a row.  What?  What??  The wrist is a little angry with my decision, but I am on a roll for goodness' sake :)

I am back at you today with another installment of Weekend Warriors {Part Two if you will}.  We are focusing on teaching math in the classroom and I have another tidbit for you that really helps take my standards-based lessons to the next level.  Are you ready??

Those killer math lessons in my room always seem to include a particularly powerful element . . . MUSIC!  Not only is it engaging for students, but tunes really help those standards to stick!

Learning through music is extremely effective because it is so brain compatible. It stimulates and unifies cognitive function.  It also touches three of the four modalities through which the brain processes information - auditory, kinesthetic, and tactual.  When you provide the song lyrics in printed form, music also taps into the visual modality.  Now that's what I call power!

Okay, so here's my little backstory on the whole music thing.  If you follow me, you know that my father is Ron Brown from Intelli-Tunes.  I grew up with music.  I watched my parents both use music to teach.  And, now . . . I am able to use it in my own classroom.  With that said, you can bet that I primarily use Intelli-Tunes music with my students . . . a new song is a phone call away for me ;)  He has thousands of songs, chants, and raps that are standards-based and if he doesn't have what I need, he makes me one.  I know.  I know.  I am pretty spoiled.    

Now that you know my story, I can get back to the whole music and math thing.  When teaching a new concept or skill, I tend to introduce it pocket chart style or on the carpet with manipulatives and I almost always follow up the intro with a tune that matches what we are learning.  I provide a copy of the lyrics and my babes track and sing along with the tune.  After the song makes a debut in my room, it returns for encore performances.  We sing it off and on throughout the week and we continue to work with the concept.  Pretty soon the kids can sing the tune without the lyrics and . . . low and behold . . . they remember all that critical concept information!  

So, this is a photo of a phonics song in action.
However, you get the idea :)
Wanna get started with music in your classroom?  My pop is offering up some little ditties for free today!  You can try these with your kiddos if you are still in the classroom or you can tuck these away for next year!!!  Pop on over and visit his FREEBIE area on his Web site.  There are multiple tunes in there for you to sample and download for free.  I love the Number Eatin' Alligator Song, but my all time favorite is Tally Man.  I suggest adding movements with this one.  We slide right and left until the big tally chorus comes on.  Then, we swing our arm to create air tallies.  We get wild . . . the kids LOVE it!!!

Remember, you don't have to use just Intelli-Tunes music to help teach skills, concepts, and standards.  There are lots of wonderful artists that are making great tunes for kids.  You just have to find a songwriter that creates ditties that match your overall style and classroom needs.  I must say that HeidiSongs has some amazing sight word songs that are just perfect for Kinders!  I work in the kinder wing on campus (I never moved after my one year run with the itty-bitty guys) . . . all of my co-workers use Heidi's ditties daily!  

Alright, I am out of here.  Thanks so much for visiting today.  Don't forget, I am giving away $10 in my store next weekend to one lucky winner in honor of my first Weekend Warrior post.  

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Be sure to take a moment to check out all of the other cool math tips and tricks in PART II of our blog hop . . . 


  1. OMWow! I have followed you for over a year and I guess I've never read anything that said Ron Brown was your dad!!! My second kiddo's (and me) love him. I first found out about him from Kim Sutton. I go to see her every year and I always get my new cd or find something good to use! How cool is that!!!!! love it! My kids call him Mr. Brooooown, drawn out in Texas accent (that's where we are). :)

    1. This makes me grin!!! I will have to tell my pop . . . it will make his day. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  2. I love teaching with music! I totally agree it makes it more meaningful and memorable for the kiddos. I went and checked out Intelli Tunes. I totally am going to have to start using some of the songs. I am going to use the Tally song this week. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Luv My Kiinders

  3. I LOVE your daddio's music! And i'm SO getting some Heidi songs this summer too... music really does a wonder!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! We are obsessed with your dad's music in my classroom! We use them during calendar math almost each day when we are learning a new math skill. The kids can't get enough!

  5. We used Heidi Songs this year for our kindergarten sight words. The kids loved it and really learned their sight words!
    Visit My Kindergarten Blog!



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