May 23, 2014


Our Open House was last night.  This is not to be confused with Back to School Night (the one where you meet your new crew/parents).  I know that some of you call this beginning of the year event Open House.  Our spring night is an event where the current families come in to check out the room and see projects that their babes have completed.  It's a time for your sweet little cuties to show off at the end of the year.  

With this said . . . when the parents are coming in to check things out, you know that your workload triples.  I have been laboring around the clock to get things ready for our night - we ran with a BIG habitat theme (more on this later). We're talking late night classroom work all this week.  The stress level was through the roof and I was draggin' pretty good by the time Thursday rolled around {stage set}. 

So, yesterday during class we made our invite and put the finishing touches on our final projects.  We watched the End of the Year video that I made {multiple kids actually cried this year . . . I couldn't believe it}.  Then, we cleaned desks and went outside for an extra recess during the last 20 minutes of the day.

Well, during this recess I felt a little weight lifted.  Sure, I had an ocean habitat to still create on my board and the desks weren't set.  However, the kids finished strong {their work was amazing} and my mom was coming to help me set up.  With the stress level reducing a bit, the "Crazy Mrs. D" came out and I decided that I wanted to swing with the kids.  I set my "brace" and took off running full-bore with a little kid at my side.  I was eyeing another student who was bolting to join me and didn't notice that the little babe by my side was now IN FRONT OF ME.  Yup.  The little darlin' cut me off and I plowed into her.  I lost my footing and the girl and I were going to go down hardcore {probably with me on top of her}.  I instinctively grabbed on to help keep her upright and I let go of my "brace" as I caught myself from falling into the gravel. Then . . . I full on wet my pants.  Yup {tail between my legs}.  And, I'm not talking about a little leakage here :(  For someone who has had 4 major abdominal surgeries in that lower area . . . setting your "brace" when you run is absolutely critical. 

Needless to say, sheer panic immediately set in.  I quickly diverted from my swing plan and tried to assess the damage.  I could tell that the underwear were a total loss, but the wet spot on my pants was hidden from view.  I stood and uncomfortably watched recess for another 4 minutes {the longest 4 minutes of my teaching career} and walked bow-legged back to the classroom and out to the busses.  Now, the ticker here is that I work 20 minutes from my house and the nearest store that would have what I need.  In addition, I had a dress to change into for Open House, but commando ain't something that you do on a parent night.  Oh, and the icing on the cake . . . I knew that I needed every second leading up to the event to finish setting up my room.  What in the H-E-Double Hockey is a girl to do????   

If you know anything about me, you know that I am an open book.  I was laughing about it and told my entire wing what had happened.  After giving me total crud and giggling their bums off, they seriously came to my rescue.  One teacher had a spare pair of unmentionables {brand new briefs} and the other devised a plan to help me wash and dry my thong at school {my dress called for no rear panties}.

What saved the day you ask?  An art project drying rack.  Yup, we slipped papers in the top and bottom and hung my undies in the middle.  My neighbor across the hall has a secluded back space out of her door.  So, we slapped this puppy in the sun and crossed our fingers.  Sure, the MALE superintendent just so happened to walk into the wing while we were riggin' the whole cockamamie contraption . . . but we told him to just walk the other way!  He sure wondered what we were up to {we were in stitches and hollerin' the whole time}, but he just grinned and took our advice . . . thank the GOOD LORD!

Who knew??
Tuck this trick in your back pocket . . . just in case.
Well, I must have done something right in this life as someone was looking out for me yesterday.  I managed to get my whole classroom perfectly set up by 5:00, the little panties dried, and I was able to slip into that little black dress as if nothing had happened by the time I opened my door at 5:30 :)  CRISIS AVERTED!!!!!  Thank you Pat and Erin - you two saved me!

It ended up being a truly magical evening in Room 13 . . . and one that I will NEVER EVER forget :)

Here are a few pictures from the night.  Dragonflies in First was absolutely instrumental in this classroom set up.  Her many habitat flavored packets are absolutely amazing - links are with the photos below.  The behind the scenes stuff {day to day student habitat learning} was fueled by Fluttering Through First's Habitat Bundle - it's mind blowing.  I will be putting out my own packet next spring with all of my items :)  

Freshwater Facts - coming next spring
Frog + Toad Craft - from Brooke Hildebrand 
Desk Set Up
Habitat Word Problem Book - coming next spring
Habitat Folders - filled with habitat and animal research
Rainforest Layers - from Kerri B
Ocean Habitat Display
Jellyfish - freebie from Dragonflies in First
Whale of a Tale - from Dragonflies in First
Starfish - from Dragonflies in First
{See . . . I told you she rocked!!}
Verdi Retell + Craft - coming next spring
Looking Ahead Giraffe Craft - coming next spring
**They write about what they are looking forward to in the next grade**
Inspired by Amy Lemon's amazing Munsch Packet
Elephant Craft + Poem - coming next spring
Habitat Mobiles - coming next spring 
Another sensational habitat craft from Dragonflies
A Look in the Desert

My Perfect Habitat Write - coming next spring 

Thanks so much for visiting me today - I figured we could all use a little laugh during the EOY chaos.  I will be back tomorrow with a math-themed post and a little giveaway - I'm teaming up with the sweet Weekend Warrior gals.  Big hugs you guys.     


  1. I. AM. DYING!!!!! Thanks for the laugh friend!! :)

  2. Hilarious! Totally something that could happen to me, too ;)

  3. I was laughing so hard, I almost peed MY pants! :) I'm so glad everything worked out! If parents only knew how much and how hard we really do work!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  4. Oh, Kelley I am cracking up! Only you could pull that off so smoothly! I am so glad your Open House was a hit!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. This is the most awesomeness epic tale ever! Glad it all worked out for you!
    Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs

  6. OMG, Kelley! You crack me up! Sounds like you have a super team! :oD

  7. Oh Kelley! I'm so glad you can laugh about that :) You're lucky to have such a great team! :)
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  8. Too funny! BTW your room is amazing! Glad everything worked out :)

  9. Hilarious! Thanks for the shout out friend. Your room looks fantastic - your kids must have been so proud to show it all off to their parents. :)

  10. That is QUITE the story! You're lucky to have a gaggle of girls to help you through those one of a kind situations!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  11. Now that's a story!! I'm glad you got it all figured out! ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  12. Such a funny story! I am thanking my lucky stars we don't have open house at the end of the year!

  13. Such a funny story! I am thanking my lucky stars we don't have open house at the end of the year!

  14. Seriously this would so happen to me and I wouldn't have a way out of it! LOL Thanks for the laugh!
    Elementary Expedition

  15. Dying laughing -- and I had to read it to Steve. I love that you found the funny in it!! You are my type of girl, friend!! :)

  16. I thought that kind of stuff only happened in my kindergarten wing! Glad to know we are not alone. :)

  17. So much fun! (Your story and your open house!) What a way to end your year. Thanks for the giggle.

  18. A similar situation happened to me - didnt think of the drying rack. Cant even tell you the solution I came up with!! Glad yours worked out! Classroom looked great. Lucky kids!
    I too love Dragonflies in First! lifesaver.
    Happy Summer!!

  19. So funny! Glad you devised a clever way to dry your undies! :)

  20. WOW - what a story! I am happy to hear you had great co-workers to the rescue!! I sure don't know what I would've had done. In the end, your room looked amazing and I'm sure no what even knew the story behind it. :)



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