December 26, 2013


I hope y'all had the most magical Christmas.  I know we sure did.  Lots of family, friends, spirits, Christmas Bingo, and way too much beef tenderloin . . . it was pretty perfect.  I cannot believe that it's already over and that 2014 is staring us in the face.  Although the rate at which time speeds by these days is a little frightening, a new year means oh so much.  It's the perfect time to reflect on the past 365.  With this said, I am teaming up with a few of my favorite bloggers to bring you my Thirteen in '13.  Here's a peek at all of my "bright and shiny" moments from this year {in no particular order} . . . 

The memory that comes to mind first is my trip to KY and OH to meet up with some of the most amazing bloggers in the world.  Not only did I get to meet my blogging besties face to face, but I got to hang with oodles of other ladies that help make my world go round.

ABOVE:  Amazing KY view.  
ABOVE:  Saying goodbye was oh so hard.  
Kate, Steph, and Suz = BBFF
BELOW:  A fun night in OH.  I love all of these ladies.  

As I started scrolling through my old photos, I found myself stopping on our school rodeo day.  I noticed that my grin was from ear to ear ;)  My class was magical . . . absolutely magical.  I hated giving them up in June.

The handsome hubs and I took a trip to Maui this past year.  We had a ball together and snuck in some much needed R+R.

Vegas in July was a memory I'll never forget.  Definitely one of my favorite moments all year.  The amazing connections that were made will last forever. If you didn't make it this past year . . . I strongly urge you to "pen it in!"  It's worth every penny :)

I heart my roomies!!
Loved getting to be with Steph again and Mel is delightful!

ABOVE:  View from our pool cabana.  Yup, we sprung for one!!!
  BELOW:  Dinner with so many of my best bloggy buddies.

Meeting Melissa from Inspire Me, ASAP was definitely a huge highlight this year. I met her briefly in Vegas two years ago and liked her immediately.  Well, we made our friendship official in Vegas this year and roomed together.  She is one in a MILLION and I'm so lucky to call her a true friend!

I LOVE this lady!

Meeting Christy from Crayons and Whimsy was another HUGE highlight this year.  This girl is the real deal.  We hung all day in a pool cabana in Vegas and struck up a deeper than deep conversation at the Blogger Meet Up.  I barely talked to other people because I was having such a good time chatting with her. Christy is amazing and we still catch up quite often! {I told you the Vegas trip is worth every penny - two of the most meaningful friendships came out of this one little excursion!}

This letter from a little darlin' was handed to me on the last day of school in June.  It's hanging in my office.  

Having this doctor in my life continued to give me hope this year.  Dr. Camran Nezhat is hands down the best surgeon a girl could ever hope for.  If you suffer from Endometriosis and live on the West Coast, he is someone you should definitely look into seeing.  His brothers {who specialize in the same area} live on the East Coast.  

All of our trips to Portland captured my heart.  The hubs and I always managed to have the most amazing time causing trouble in the NW.  Mark my words sweet PDX . . . I will be yours someday!

I even got to meet up with sweet Sarah Paul on one of our many trips!
This lady is the sweetest :)

Being asked to become a part of Blog Hoppin' made my buttons pop.  I am so thankful to know such inspirational women.  I was {and still am} so honored to be included.  

Teaching with my bestie again this year has been life saving.  I'm so lucky to have such a dear friend in the trenches with me.  

Having dinner with my pop {Ron Brown's Intelli-Tunes} and Kim Sutton from Creative Mathematics was such a treat this fall.  Her math ideas blow my mind and she is such a wonderful person!  

Winning the fantasy football league was such a great way to wrap up my year.  Yup, that just happened last week.  Sure, I companied like crazy after the draft {things looked pretty dire in August} . . . but, I take it all back.  Didn't know I was a football goddess, did you??!!  These braggin' rights are going to last me a FULL year and I couldn't be more pleased :)

Alright, if you are still with me, thanks for letting me take a walk down memory lane today.  It really helped put things into perspective.  I smiled so many times while I wrote this post.  I encourage you to link up with Miss Kinder, Teeny, and Dragonflies and do the same :)  Hugs hugs my friends.  I will be back with a new pack soon.  


  1. Oh boy you should be a marketing rep for the trip to Vegas! You are making it harder and harder to not attend! I don't think I can handle a 3rd year without going!

    Looks like you had a fabulous 2013! Congrats on winning in fantasy football! Bragging rights for a year are HUGE!

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping in my dear! You really must come to Vegas . . . the women you meet will change your life. You have a point. I should chat with TPT and I TEACH K about putting my first degree to good use this year (marketing . . . hehehehehe). Hugs and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Loved your post. Thanks for sharing. I just got linked up. Drop by when you get a chance!

    Happy New Year!
    Many Blessings from
    at The Teacher's Chatterbox

  3. You've had quite a year there, lady - and I just know this year will bring more awesomeness to your smile!!!!

    Congrats on the football dealie...the trophy my hubby has proudly displayed from his, makes it known just how much of an honor winning something like that, is! ;)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. Congrats on your football win! I won the March Madness bracket one year and was so darn proud of myself! Hahah so I can relate. My fingers are crossed that I'll be going to Vegas this year - looks like so much fun!!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  5. I have a smile from ear to ear right now little lady! I am so honored to have made your top 13!!! YOU are the real deal and I just can't wait to hang out with you again sweet friend!!! And I'm also a little jelly you won your fantasy league...I on the other hand didn't fair so well in mine. Happy new year! Miss you!!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  6. You are absolutely beautiful in every stinkin' photo! Loved them all. What a fabulous year!

    The little letter of departure from your kiddo is just too adorable. You obviously made a huge impact in her life!

  7. This was a really fun post to read. I was in Vegas in July too and agree that it's worth every penny. What a wonderful experience! Hoping to go again this summer.

  8. Love your 13!!!! Always have you on my mind when it comes to the baby thing---it's a hard process and always wishing you guys the best as well. Totally understand it.

    One day I'm going to have the moola to get to Vegas! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten



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