November 27, 2012


I think my pocketbook let out a bit of a whimper just now, but BOY OH BOY (in shouty caps) . . . did I ever score the greatest goodies at the TPT Cyber Sale yesterday.  So, I am linking up with sweet Stephanie over at Falling Into First to show off all of my super new goodies!

First, I picked up The Teacher Wife's amazing Reading Comp Pack II.  I already scored her first pack back when school started, but when I noticed I could pick up its smart as all get out sibling, I jumped at the chance.  

Next, I was delighted to snag Gingerbread Fun For Little Learners.  The delightful Lori Rosenburg from Teaching With Love and Laughter cooked . . . or should I say "baked" this up! 

Then, I grabbed Winter Wonderland Literacy Centers from one of my favorite ladies -  Gladys from Teaching in High Heels.  I always LOVE her stuff and this pack definitely didn't disappoint.  

Oh yeah, I also quickly slipped in Reagan Tunstall's Techy Santa.  This puppy is brand new to her store!  It just makes me giggle and I know that my crazy kiddos are going to go bonkers when they see it too :)  

Finally, I made sure sweet Sandra's All Bundled Up! Winter Themed Common Core Aligned Math and Lit Centers made it into my cart.  These will be perfect for us when we return in January.  

And . . . I still didn't stop there.  I went back today to finish up my shopping extravaganza with a little extra helping of clip art, frames, and borders.  Yup, that's right!  I scored big with Mrs. Stanford's Class (Jessica), Tales From Outside the Classroom (Tessa), The School Supply Addict (Ashley Hughes), Pink Cat Studio,  and Teaching In a Small Town.  This ultimately is the source of the wallet whimpering, but my heart is SO happy right now.  Thanks oh so much you creative ladies!

Before I go finish my silly report cards (no, I am still not done with these . . . I was holding out on a couple of scores), I promised pictures of the Bakin' Up Adjectives Pack in action.  Well, here you be . . . 

My sweeties were so delighted with this project that the craft ran for nearly 50 minutes.  I was shocked - we even had to bump our library time to Thursday! We will follow up with more adjective gingerbread writing and center activities tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Alright, I am off to do those stinkin' report cards.  They have to be printed tomorrow, so I guess my hands are officially tied in the procrastinating department.  Hugs you all and I'll see you soon with a sweet little freebie that I have been working on!

November 25, 2012


We have had a house full of people for the last three days and I am finally gettin' back down to business.  Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time. From delightful overnight guests to a college football party and a crazy game night, our little blue hiz-ouse has been going off.  However, my poor Christmas/Holiday packets have been being held hostage by my iMac (along with my report card comments, but eh . . . I could do without those).  

I have what seems like dozens of packets in the works, but those will have to wait.  I did manage to put the finishing touches on one this afternoon though. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!  

This sweet little mini-packet came about due to a request.  A wonderful first grade teacher named Amy shot me an email the day after Halloween stating that she had just found my Pumpkin Adjectives pack and was hoping that I might be kicking around the idea of doing a holiday/Christmas version.  Well, after chatting with The Bubbly Blonde, the wheels started turning and I came up with Bakin' Up Adjectives.  I figured by rollin' with a gingerbread theme I could loop in the whole holiday season without leaving out those teachers who have students who don't celebrate Christmas. 
Here is my silly as all get out craft.  I think the kiddos will eat it up though.
Will be running with this next week and will post some action shots for sure!
Here's a little look-see at the rest of the packet.  It has a craftivity template, festive parts of speech posters, a bulletin board sign, two follow up writing activities, an adjective hunt, and multiple center/independent activity options. CLICK HERE to take a closer look.   

Well, I can't in my right mind let you read all that without hooking you up just a bit.  So, I have a little somethin'- somethin' for ya.  Below you can snag a copy of one of the adjective worksheets from the packet.  I put the lower and upper elementary versions into the download (the difference is lines).   

CLICK HERE to download this festive ditty!
Thank you to Scrappin' Doodles and Pink Cat Studio for the graphic love on this!
I linked up with Freebie Friday!   Okay, so it's a Sunday and I may need to brush up on my days of the week,  but I couldn't help myself.  Gotta spread the freebie love :)  

Alright folks, I am off to shower (it's only 2:54 . . . not bad today) and work on those dreaded report card comments.  **Sigh**  However, I will be breakin' out the laptop so I can do these while watchin' the second half of the afternoon pigskin games on Red Zone.  I am going with a glass half-full attitude today :)  

Oh yeah, duh . . . I almost forgot to tell all you alls.  I am running a sale in my TPT Store along with dozens of bloggy buddies.  Today everything is 20% off and Monday/Tuesday I am rollin' with the TPT Cyber Monday + Bonus Tuesday Sale (you can get up to 28% off by entering a special code at checkout).  

Thanks to the amazing Ashley over at The School Supply Addict for the delightful button!
I've linked up with one of my bloggin' besties (Sweet Suz from TGIF).  Check out all of the other MIND-BLOWING stores that will be offering up goodies over the next few days by visiting some (or all) of the rockin' sites below.  My own TPT cart is overflowing with goodies and I can't wait to click PURCHASE :)

November 24, 2012


Oh my word . . . I am still full!  However, it was a glorious Thanksgiving.  From the family and friends to grandma's famous stuffing and the hours of mindless pigskin, it was definitely a holiday to remember.  How did all you alls make out?  Did you have a spectacular day as well?

So, I don't have a real game plan for this post and it is kind of going to be all over the place, but I wanted to highlight a few things today.

First up, I wanted to showcase three lovely ladies today.  They are probably already on your radar, but just in case they aren't or you haven't visited them in a while, I am going to give you the lowdown.

Vickie from Mrs. Plant's Press is an absolute doll and is a great source to have tucked away in your back pocket.  She is prefect for Kinder teachers, but I have gotten quite a bit from her as a first grade teacher  (perfect goodies for my low babes).  Check out her latest Christmas and Winter ditties.  Great stuff I tell ya.  


Next up, I stumbled into Jennifer's Best Practices for Teaching and came across a wonderful time ditty that will SO help my kiddos.  Every year my babes struggle with the "half past" . . . "a quarter to" . . . and so on.  Well, Jennifer made up a great little center game that will help me with my problem.  I can't wait to try out with my sweeties in a few weeks (when we really delve into time).  **Sorry the cover is so dinky . . . I coudn't get it bigger without jackin' up the photo.  Click on the image to get a better idea!**

Finally today, Cheryl from Primary Graffiti has the MOST amazing freebie up for grabs.  I am sure that you all are very aware of this wonderful lady, but you may have missed out on her most recent TPT post.  We're talking about a HUGE winter-themed packet that doesn't cost you a dime.  Yup.  You heard . . . wait, make that . . . read . . . me right.  A HUGE winter-themed packet that doesn't cost a dime.  Pretty amazing stuff I tell ya.  

Well, I am off to finish up my latest pack before gettin' down to business with my report card comments.  However, I have one slight problem.  We have house guests.  I woke up early and am hiding in my office trying to work like crazy before they wake up.  Need. More. Coffee!  Hugs and I'll see you guys tomorrow!  

November 21, 2012


My internet is down (has been since last night . . . grrrr), so I am going to have to make this quick.  I have created a nifty hot spot from the hubby's phone, but he is going to work soon and I will loose my cyber lifeline.  Whaaaaaaa . . . come on evil cable company, I have work to do! Okay, I feel better now that I got that out.  On to business :)  

I finished up December's Good Morning Work Pack (Reading) in record time. Seriously, I have never had BOTH of them (Reading/Language + Math) out this early.  BOOM . . . go Dolling, GO!

Many of you already know what my Good Morning Work is all about, but just in case you don't, here it is in a nutshell . . . or should I say in a "chestnut??!!"

GMW was created for two main reasons.  ONE: To provide your kiddos with a quick and powerful spiral review of common core standards.  TWO: To give you a few moments with LIMITED interruption after that first bell rings.  I can feel your eyes lighting up as you read that.  Maybe you even started to sweat a little?  Let me explain a bit more.  I understand how crazy mornings can get - home reader collection, roll, lunch count, breakfast trays, spilled milk, office phone calls, chatty parents, upset kiddos . . . I'll stop there, but I know you all know exactly what I am talking about.  Well, Good Morning Work help solves this problem for many educators.  It's a collection of meaningful work that keeps your kiddos busy and working hard INDEPENDENTLY. 

This little one always asks to color her nouns differently.  It cracks me up.
Uh, sure darlin' . . . if using her favorite colors keeps her working, I am totally game.  
This month's reading pack includes a sleigh full of common core standards. We're talkin' sight words, parts of speech, proper nouns, ABC order, word families, long vowels, syllables, punctuation, sentence editing, detailed sentence writing, contractions, and more.  

In addition to the reading set, I also make a math collection.  I give both of these pages every morning and it typically takes them about 15-20 minutes. Any work that isn't finished goes into their independent work folder.  

As always, I like to offer up "tester" pages for these packs as a means of letting you "try 'em before you buy 'em!"  Click on the link below to try out these free pages.  If you like what you see unfold in your classroom, you can pop on over to my TPT Shop to pick up the entire GMW Pack.

CLICK HERE to snag these FREE tester pages!

Alright, the hubs is about ready to go to work and he wants his phone that I have been holding hostage.  BOO!  I'll see you soon with a holiday freebie and a few other fun holiday packs.  Going to work my little fingers to the bone today to try and get these out ASAP.  Hugs friends.  

November 19, 2012


With Turkey Day rapidly approaching, I thought it was only right to pause for a moment to reflect on those special things in my life that I am oh so thankful for. And, my sweet bloggy buddy, Lyndsey, over at A Year of Many Firsts just so happens to be having the perfect linky for me to get in on . . . 

First up, I am thankful for my family.  It's small right now, but it suits me just fine for the moment.  My hubs is an absolute doll who keeps me laughing and smiling.  And, our two "babies" help keep both of our hearts full.  


Okay, so my parents are part of my family, but I thought they needed their own special category.  I am one of those "only" children.  So, my relationship with the folks is quite complex and wonderful - they are my guardians and my friends.  I had a magical childhood I tell ya . . . they definitely did it up right. But, it didn't stop there.  We are lucky enough to still live in the same town and I get to see them weekly.  I am so thankful for them!!  

Where would any of us be without a little help from our friends??  I love all of those special men and women in my life who I am lucky enough to call my best pals - you know who you are.  One in particular has been with me since age three (circa 1982).  I love this lady like the sister I never had and am so thankful to have her in my life!

Next up, I am thankful for my house.  Trav and I purchased it almost a year ago and it is a very special place.  It's actually on the street where my mom grew up.  The kicker . . . she grew up across the street from the hubby's dad and they were great buds.  Yup.  We live on the street where it all began for our families. Crazy, huh??  My grandmother lived on this retro u-turn for 40+ years and I grew up coming here.  I absolutely love this street and I love my quirky 1950s house with the beautiful yard. 

Finally, I am thankful for blogging and all my bloggy buddies.  I love sharing ideas with one another and meeting educators from all over the world that share my passion - giving teaching and kiddos everything we got!  SO, thank YOU, friends.  I am truly thankful for you.

Alright folks, I am off to hang with that guy I said I was thankful for!  I need to make sure he knows that I am truly thankful by gettin' off of this computer for a bit.  I'll be back soon.  I finished up my GMW-Reading pack for December and am in the process of a drafting up a few other holiday ditties . . . all of which will be posted soon (fingers crossed).  

I'd love to hear more about what you are thankful for this year.  Pop on over to A Year of Many Firsts and link yourself up!

November 18, 2012


I can't believe it . . . I got this Good Morning Work pack out well before the end of the month.  Hip Hip HOORAY for Turkey Break.  My mind was clear, I took two naps, and was able to sit down for some uninterrupted time in front of the screen :)  We won't talk about how the Ducks devastating loss to the silly old "trees" darn near foiled my progress . . . but, I digress.  

Awesome packet clip art by JW Illustrations, KPM Doodles, and Ashley Hughes!
I tried to be very mindful of what kids can and can't do independently at this time - in regards to math concepts as well as reading/decoding directions and problems.  As always, I chunk my topics.  In other words, they will work on a skill for five days in a row before the pack shifts gears and covers another 3-4 common core standards.  I have found that the kids feel much more successful when they know what is coming at them . . . and it frees up more morning time for you.  After you have taught it once, you don't have to answer many questions throughout the rest of the week.  I so understand what all you alls are dealing with when you walk in that classroom of yours - it can make even the most prepared teacher's head spin.  With this said, I also know just how wonderful life can be if we busy teachers can find just a few more UNINTERRUPTED minutes in the morning to deal with parents, office phone calls, roll, lunch count, homework/reader collection, reading/testing kids, etc. Good Morning Work may be just what you need.  It sure as sugar works for little old me.  Just look at this little sweetie . . . oh so hard at work . . . INDEPENDENTLY :) 

This month's math packet covers a little bit of everything.  Skills include: addition, subtraction, introduction to fact families, solving word problems, writing word problems, skip counting, place value, comparing/ordering numbers, odd + even, graphing, months of the year, days of the week, date writing, and more.  Yup . . . all those key common core math standards for firsties are targeted :)

As always, I am all about "try 'em before you buy 'em."  So, here are three pages you can take with you to try out with your kiddos.  If you like what you see unfold in your classroom, pop on over to my TPT Shop and pick up the whole GMW Math Pack!  My Good Morning Reading Pack for December will be available soon . . . just need a few more days on this one.  
CLICK HERE to try out these "tester pages" with your kiddies!

Alright folks, I am off to start my next pack and catch up on a little laundry (blah . . . I could be in the Guinness Book for the number of times I "fluff" each load . . . laundry is the WORST).  I will see you soon my friends!  Thanks for visiting.

I am a little late to the party . . . but I couldn't miss out on the fun.  Don't forget to head on over to TBA and check out all of the other fabulous freebies that are up for grabby-grabs!


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