December 3, 2012


So my teaching bestie and I were mappin' out our plan for Christmas Around the World in our classes (we kick off the 2-week event this Friday), and I just had to share all of the rockin' resources we are running with this year . . .

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My teaching partner and I both purchased Rachelle's UH-MAY-ZING pack last year and it was just what we needed (I HEART What the Teacher Wants).  Now it has a part two . . . I am frothin' at the mouth I tell ya :)

One of my bloggy buddies - Stephanie from Falling Into First - came up with this doozie of a pack.  My kids are going to eat this one up . . . it was JUST what I was looking for to help me round out my celebration file!  

Check these rad Hanukkah packs from sweet Arlene over at LMN Tree.  One is even a freebie.  I will be rollin' with some of these goodies on Friday.

Now this one ain't out yet, but it's definitely on my radar.  I saw Jen Ross from The Teacher's Cauldron blog about this a few days ago and I am going to swoop in and snag it as soon as it's out.  Keep your eyes peeled . . . :)

I am almost out of here.  It is getting so late tonight and I haven't corrected folder work yet (ahhhhhh).  I wanted to share two more things with you.  All this talk of Christmas . . . my mind can't help but wander to New Year's.  And, once I start in on New Year's, I start pondering getting a new calendar.  Then I hop from getting a personal calendar to updating my school calendar.  (Crazy thought process I know . . . my brain has a whole other mini-mind of its own and it runs wild most of the time.)  So, anyway . . . I ran across the cutest calendar set this week and I just had to get me a copy.  Pop on over and check this ditty out.  Nicole from Teaching With Style outdid herself with this one!  

Finally, my friend Lisa over at Learning is Something to Treasure is having a delightful giveaway . . . click on the button below and get yo-self entered to win some fun and festive goods!!!

Alright, now I am out.  I'll see you all soon with another Christmas ditty.  I have been laboring away on a fact family craft and I am working out all the kinks with my kiddos tomorrow.  Should have it up soon :)  Hugs guys and thank you for visiting!


  1. I love doing Christmas around the World. You have some great things to use!! I think we need one out there with recipes in it....HMM? ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. Great call girl . . . I so need food ideas. If you make it, we will buy it (in my best Field of Dreams haunting whisper).

  2. I would love it if you would link up to my New Year Linky Party at Let's ring in the new year with lots of great ideas to share and celebrate!



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