November 14, 2012


Howdy Y'all! Ok ok I'm not from the south, but Ohio is a tad different than Cali right?!  It's Jessica from . . .


and I am soooooo excited to be guest posting for Kelley today!!

Let me just tell you, when I started blogging 9 months ago Kelley was my first blogging buddy and I'll never forget that! After trudging through all of the issues of a starting blogger and tpter together here we are!! Although we have never met (and are dying to) I feel like I have and sometimes forget that we haven't!

Anywhoooooo onto what I'm here to talk about :) The sweet, adorable, kind, and generous (are you buttered up yet?) Kelley has offered to let me brag about my new papers and fonts on her blog!

As I said I've always been a TpTer, but I just now started to create fonts and papers for my fellow teachers to create adorable things....

So here they are...

{pin the whole strand here}


All of my fonts are sold as a pack and are constantly updated :) Meaning: if you download now, when my collection grows you will be able to download them for free just by updating your file!!!  Great right?!?!

My paper packs are anywhere from 22 - 114 sheets and all 8.5x11 and high quality 330dpi png files. Meaning: They fit a paper perfectly and are crystal clear :)

Also, I just joined TeachersNotebook and would love to have you check out my 2, yes 2, stores!! One is for teaching products and the other for fonts and digital papers :) If you are a TNer I'd love to have some new followers... It's looking a little lonely!!! 

Thanks again Kell for letting me join a little piece of your world :)
Mrs. Stanford

Jessica Stanford

**Sending out a HUGE thank you to one of my bloggy besties for doin' it up right here today.  Thanks so much for taking a moment to crash the factory sweet Jess . . . you are one in a million!  



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