November 21, 2012


My internet is down (has been since last night . . . grrrr), so I am going to have to make this quick.  I have created a nifty hot spot from the hubby's phone, but he is going to work soon and I will loose my cyber lifeline.  Whaaaaaaa . . . come on evil cable company, I have work to do! Okay, I feel better now that I got that out.  On to business :)  

I finished up December's Good Morning Work Pack (Reading) in record time. Seriously, I have never had BOTH of them (Reading/Language + Math) out this early.  BOOM . . . go Dolling, GO!

Many of you already know what my Good Morning Work is all about, but just in case you don't, here it is in a nutshell . . . or should I say in a "chestnut??!!"

GMW was created for two main reasons.  ONE: To provide your kiddos with a quick and powerful spiral review of common core standards.  TWO: To give you a few moments with LIMITED interruption after that first bell rings.  I can feel your eyes lighting up as you read that.  Maybe you even started to sweat a little?  Let me explain a bit more.  I understand how crazy mornings can get - home reader collection, roll, lunch count, breakfast trays, spilled milk, office phone calls, chatty parents, upset kiddos . . . I'll stop there, but I know you all know exactly what I am talking about.  Well, Good Morning Work help solves this problem for many educators.  It's a collection of meaningful work that keeps your kiddos busy and working hard INDEPENDENTLY. 

This little one always asks to color her nouns differently.  It cracks me up.
Uh, sure darlin' . . . if using her favorite colors keeps her working, I am totally game.  
This month's reading pack includes a sleigh full of common core standards. We're talkin' sight words, parts of speech, proper nouns, ABC order, word families, long vowels, syllables, punctuation, sentence editing, detailed sentence writing, contractions, and more.  

In addition to the reading set, I also make a math collection.  I give both of these pages every morning and it typically takes them about 15-20 minutes. Any work that isn't finished goes into their independent work folder.  

As always, I like to offer up "tester" pages for these packs as a means of letting you "try 'em before you buy 'em!"  Click on the link below to try out these free pages.  If you like what you see unfold in your classroom, you can pop on over to my TPT Shop to pick up the entire GMW Pack.

CLICK HERE to snag these FREE tester pages!

Alright, the hubs is about ready to go to work and he wants his phone that I have been holding hostage.  BOO!  I'll see you soon with a holiday freebie and a few other fun holiday packs.  Going to work my little fingers to the bone today to try and get these out ASAP.  Hugs friends.  


  1. Loveee your morning work!! And so does my class-- if I forget to pass it out, my kiddos are QUICK to remind me!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Hugs, hugs, and more HUGS . . . I loved this comment. Thanks friend and Merry Turkey to you.

  2. Love Love Love your morning work!!! You ROCK Kelley!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hello Jump Rope Buddy . . . thanks for coming back for a visit! So glad to hear you like my GMW packets :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't yet, but I want to . . . email me if you are interested in chatting about it. Thanks so much for asking!! Happy Thanksgiving to you :)



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