November 7, 2012


Although the election is over, I just have to share what we have been up to. Thanks to Teaching in High Heels and Across the Hall in 2nd Grade, we lived it up this election season.  My babies took our classroom vote oh so seriously and loved every minute of it.

Here are our official voting booths.  The sweetie in the red is grinning from ear to ear!
I wasn't about to touch the presidential candidates with a 10-foot pole, so we went for candy bars instead.  Across the Hall's Candy Bar Election pack was one amazing unit.  I mixed it in with Teaching In High Heel's Hooray for Election Day pack (another amazing election collection) for the perfect first grade mix!  We hosted primary elections and found that Twix and KitKat were the two squaring off.  Then we made campaign posters, wrote speeches (well . . . more like one or two liners . . . hehehehehe), completed voter identification cards, and hosted an official election.  It was glorious I tell you.  Check out our photo montage below - the kids were in their glory.

They even made their own "I VOTED!"  stickers!
Okay, so I was being stingy with my colored ink and skipped the delightful printable ones included in the packets.
But, it kept them busy while others voted :)  Isn't our model an absolute cutie??!!
Although this election season is over, it's not too late to stock up.  These two units were kid-pleasers for sure and I am so glad that they are now forever in my files!!  Thanks ladies!

Switching gears just a bit, I wanted to take a moment to link up with my dear friend DeAnne over at First Grade and Fabulous!  She is hosting a fun holiday recipe linky and I am feeling so hungry right now . . . mmmmmm . . . food.  So, it only made sense that I got in on all the yummy action. 

With all my tummy trouble, I am still not eating what I want these days.  In addition, I have been forced kicking and screaming into the gluten free corner. With Turkey Day looming, I cannot tell you how much this pains me :)  So, I hunted down a little something that I am going to try in place of the beloved pumpkin pie that I will be skipping this year.  

I must admit that now that I have seen this amazing GF Pumpkin Crumb cake I am over feeling sorry about myself.  The Gluten-Free Goddess just may have saved my Thanksgiving Feast :)  Click on the picture to check out the recipe.  If it is anything like the one my dear friend Chris makes me I am in luck.  Her crumble is To. Die. For.  On that note, won't you pop on over to First Grade and Fabulous and link up your holiday favorite??  

Alright friends.  Off to finish up my last minute Turkey Day ditty.  Nothing like gettin' it in under the wire.  Um, yeah . . . that's the story of my life right now. Hugs y'all.  I'll see you for Freebie Friday!

Oh . . . and don't forget . . . you still have one day to get yourself in Ms. Cupcake's awesome giveaway.   This one is a downright doozie!


  1. LOVE it! I'm so glad your littles had a blast! ;)

    1. You are an amazing packet maker my friend. They LOVED all of your stuff!!!

  2. Thanks for linking up Kelley. The recipe looks good.

    It looks like you kiddos had a great day with their election fun!! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  3. What an awesome election day your kiddos had! Looks like so much fun!

    The Teacher Diaries

  4. Your kiddos look like they had so much fun! That will be one lesson they'll remember forever! :)


  5. Your kiddos are just as cute as their teacher - and that yumminess at the end....good gravy I want it like, NOW!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  6. I used those election packs too, and I loved them!!! Thank you for the giveaway shout ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. If you have to be gluten free, you might as well eat something as yummy as this! :)
    Teaching With Style



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