November 1, 2012


Too tired to type tonight . . . I am about to resort to the old toothpick holding up the eyelid trick :)  However, I wanted to post just a little snippet of our week in good old Room 13 - picture walk style!

This takes the cake for me . . . I snicker every time I see this one!
Sentence Center . . . didn't get around to putting this in a packet this year :(
Next October I'll be ready!
Carmel apples for our Halloween Party . . . they were perfect!

Spider hats . . . treats . . . and The Great Pumpkin on the BIG screen.
Life was good on our rainy Halloween day.

SF Giants World Series Rally.
We talked about teamwork, cheered like crazy, paraded our kids around the school, and raised a Giants' Flag.
It was random (we have a die hard teacher who lives and breathes the team), but it was totally fun.  
Here's a picture walk of MY week outside of the classroom.  I juggled prepping for class, coaching Jump Rope Club, my weekly acupuncture appointment, surviving my 33rd birthday, a night of Halloween fun, trying to stay healthy, Thanksgiving packet creating, and countless other things . . . I bet it sounds a lot like your week ;)  Am I right . . . or am I right??

Printing great packs to use this week. 
Raspberry-Leaf Tea  . . . mmmmm! 
Uh . . . nuff said.  Happy Birthday to me!
Birthday Treats . . . hour massage, earrings and iTunes.
Thanks babe!
They're HERE!
My favorite Halloween Movie.  I fell asleep during the part where the tree tries to eat the annoying kid.
It was that birthday beverage . . . one and done :)
My latest.  Finally getting around to it tonight.  Look for it on Saturday!

Alright you all.  Hugs to ya and thanks for taking a little pictorial walk through my week.  I will be back sooner rather than later next time :)


  1. You were busy! Happy late birthday and your kiddos looked like they had a ball this week. Wish I was in your room doing all that great stuff:)

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. Thanks for the birthday love and the kind words. We has a great week considering all of that excitement and sugar running through our veins ;)

  2. Love the pictures! PLEASE get some rest this weekend friend!

    1. XOXOXOXOXOXO! Thanks for the visit sweet friend. I promise to sleep it up this weekend :)

  3. You've had a busy week. Your Halloween party looked like a good time! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. You are always on a ROLL!!!
    Yay for FRIDAYS... yes, I am screaming! :)
    Have a super day and WOW that new project looks GREAT!
    Sweet Times in First

  5. Looks like a fun but busy week!

    Happy weekend!

    Teachery Tidbits



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